Why Us

Our goal at Think Big is to help students pursue their dreams through a practical, honest, and no-nonsense approach. 

Navigating the law school admissions process is difficult, especially if you are the first in your family to pursue such an endeavor. Writing a personal statement or diversity statement is perhaps even more taxing because you must examine yourself, put your soul to paper, and craft a persuasive narrative that defines you. In all aspects of your application, you must ensure that you are consistent.

In the spirit of being transparent, we believe you should choose us for your admissions needs for the following reasons:

Pay what you can

We are one of the only personal statement and diversity statement editing services that offers a true "pay what you can model." We provide these services to our clients because we love what we do, not for the money.


Save time thinking about how to outline your unique story. The magic in a personal statement or diversity statement happens in words and in your carefully crafted narrative. This is more art than science, and we have the skill and experience required to craft these types of essays.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is important in writing and all aspects of the law school admissions process. We have experience as editors for some of the most renowned law reviews in the country and professional experiences at some of the largest law firms in the world. We have what it takes to make sure nothing slips through the cracks in your documents.


We know what it takes to get into top law schools with scholarships. We have done so with carefully crafted applications that highlight the applicant's strengths while minimizing weaknesses to the extent possible. High standardized test scores and GPAs, while helpful, are not necessary conditions to gain acceptance to top law schools.