If you have already prepared your chosen essay but feel you need some additional help with either your tone, storyline, narrative structure, and the like, feel free to just choose our premier editing services.

We will take several close reads of your essay with the below in mind:

  • Grammar issues to make sure your essay has no grammatical mistakes
  • Stylistic issues to make sure that you are not unnecessarily wordy, your sentences are not awkward, and that your sentences are powerful and add vigor where needed
  • Overall narrative structure to ensure that your story flows and delivers the most powerful effect on the reader (the most important comments will be here)
  • Commentary comments that discuss reasoning or general thoughts on the essay

If you are unsure about whether this service is right for you, please feel free to contact us and ask any questions. Take a moment to read our reviews and take a look at sample edits, so you can see exactly what you are paying for. 

If you choose our premier editing services, you will be provided with the below benefits.

Workflow Steps

Step 1: Fill out the long-form survey, and we will reach out to you. Remember that you only pay what you can for the services. 

Step 2: Send us your essay.

Step 3: Our experienced team at Think Big will take several close reads of your essay and focus on all elements of the writing process to ensure that your essay is coherent, powerful, and outstanding. 

Step 4: We will email you your revised essay in a clean Word document and redlined .pdf markup within 48-96 hours of your initial submission. 

What Our Comments Look Like

Flawless Grammar

The Think Big team will make your essay free of any grammatical errors. We have years of experience as law review editors and journal editors in the ivy league, corporate attorneys, and high-achieving students ourselves to remove all the technical grammar issues in your essay. We can also help you use grammar to mimic the substance of the words in your essay.

Powerful Style

How you say something if often more important than what you say. We will help you phrase your sentences so that they are powerful and have depth while preserving your original intent.

Narrative Improvements

Your narrative is the most important part of your essay. You need to tell a story that is cohesive, powerful, and meaningful. At the same time, you want to make sure your story arc is focused and that each paragraph specifically drives the story forward. We can help you crystallize your unique story.

Precise and Actionable Commentary

Sometimes you may write and not even realize that your text is not necessary, off base, or awkward. We provide commentary comments to ensure that you have specific and actionable steps to take on your revision.

Brainstorming and Outline

If you are applying colleges or advanced degree programs and need to prepare a personal statement or other related essay but are having trouble getting started, we can help.

We have a tailored set of questions that we use with our students that helps bring out powerful stories and experiences that form the basis of your essay required by a college or advanced program. We can help you prepare an outline based on these questions that contains your personalized story arc, major themes, examples, and suggestions on how to develop the story. Some stories might have many themes, and some might focus on just one or two important experiences and themes.

It takes a little work, but we assure you that we can help you create a story that will help you get into your dream school.

Anthony Tan

Anthony Tan

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Alberto Gomez


University of Pennsylvania Law School Class of 2020 | Wharton MBA Class of 2020