How to Prepare a Powerful Opening for Your Personal Statement

If you’re wondering how to prepare a powerful opening for your personal statement or diversity statement, you must ensure that the first sentence grabs the reader’s attention. It should be powerful, vivid, and unique. It should lay the groundwork for what your essay will be about. As with writing any essay, you have a few […]

6 Practical Insights to Consider Before Pursuing Your Degree

Applying to college, professional, or graduate school marks an exciting point in life. You’ve performed well in school so far and aspire to pursue higher education for personal growth. This is your chance to expand knowledge, sharpen analytical abilities, and learn from experienced individuals. Conventional wisdom states that higher education generally leads to a higher […]

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Schools to Apply to

With the admissions season almost in full swing, it’s important to prepare a strategy for applying to schools. The application process will typically consist of a general online application comprised of the following materials: Your GPA and standardized test score carry the most weight in admissions decisions. Schools will publish the range of students who […]

Expert Guide: How to Craft an Impressive Personal Statement

A personal statement is a short essay – usually no more than two pages double-spaced – that tells the reader a story about you. This story can be about anything that is meaningful to you. Perhaps you played sports your entire life, and it’s impacted you both personally and professionally in ways that the average […]

Mastering Your Personal Statement: 10 Expert Tips for Success

Writing a personal statement is hard.  The best personal statements often have some elements of storytelling, precision, and wit. However, exceptions always exist, so as a student, it’s difficult to discern the truth. For example, you may purposely choose to be wordy and use awkward sentence structure to create an effect that mimics the substance […]