Our Values

Our values at Think Big are rooted in honesty, practicality, and simplicity. Our goal is to provide you with a useful, no-nonsense approach to document editing  and related services for your law school applications. We want to help you achieve your dreams through an approach that is easy to understand and that provides you with actionable steps. 


Provide Honest Feedback

We pride ourselves on transparency. If we think your personal statement needs to be completely rewritten, for example, we will tell you and provide guidance on what direction we think you should take. Honesty is the best policy even if it results in more work for you (and us). 

Deliver Practical Work Product

We will not bore you with theories or a vague discussion on your work product. We will provide comments that are clear, concise, and understandable.

Keep it Simple

Most of us overcomplicate things. Much of the law school admissions process and the documents associated with your application do not need to be overly complicated. While there is nuance in telling your story, the value of simplicity should not be overlooked.

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Statistics are just numbers. We believe that you can make your impossible dreams become a reality with concentrated effort and guidance.