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Save dozens of hours of staring at your computer screen thinking about how to get started and let us help you craft an outstanding personal statement or diversity statement, so you can get into the law school of your dreams. If you’ve ever searched for “how to write a personal statement,” look no further.

Our Services

We believe that words are powerful. Words tell stories – your story. Words are the means by which we humans communicate. But beneath their practical utility, there are subtleties that make all the difference to the reader. How you say something is often more important than what you say. Law school admissions officers, employers, and scholarship committees read dozens of applications each day. To grab their attention, you must differentiate yourself. We help revise your law school application essays in a way that intrigues and captivates your audience, so you can get into the law school of your dreams.

At Think Big, we focus on helping students prepare their law school personal statements and diversity statements – the two most important essays in the application package. We also offer related services.

Personal Statement and Diversity Statement Review

We help you prepare the strongest personal statement and/or diversity statement for your application with a tailored narrative that highlights your unique story.

Live "Strategy Sessions"

Live Zoom sessions to analyze and assess some aspect of your application, such as your admissions chances, your personal statement, or a more focused discussion on another matter of your choosing.

Comprehensive Application Package

Tailored guidance for all aspects of your application package.

About Us

Law school admissions officers, employers, and scholarship committees read dozens of applications each day. To grab their attention, you must differentiate yourself.

We at Think Big are committed to helping you increase your chances at achieving your dreams and getting into the best possible law school.

Why Choose Us?

We founded Think Big because we find true enjoyment in helping students pursue their dreams.


Save time thinking about how to outline your unique story. The magic in a personal statement or diversity statement happens in carefully crafted sentences and a focused narrative. This is more art than science. We know how to structure your essay for the most powerful effect on the reader.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is important in all aspects of the admissions process, particularly your personal statement. We have experience as editors for some of the most renowned law reviews in the country and professional experiences at some of the largest law firms in the world. We have what it takes to make sure nothing slips through the cracks in your documents.


We know what it takes to craft powerful narratives to gain admission into top law schools. We can help you do the same by helping you prepare carefully crafted applications that highlight your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses to the extent possible.


We are dreamers. We live for this stuff.

Our Free Articles

Please check out our free articles that contain long-form explanations on many of the below questions that students face when preparing their personal statements or diversity statements.

What Our Comments Look Like

Flawless Grammar

The Think Big team will make your essay free of any grammatical errors. We have years of experience as law review editors and journal editors in the ivy league, corporate attorneys, and high-achieving students ourselves to remove all the technical grammar issues in your essay. We can also help you use grammar to mimic the substance of the words in your essay.

Powerful Style

How you say something if often more important than what you say. We will help you phrase your sentences so that they are powerful and have depth while preserving your original intent.

Narrative Improvements

Your narrative is the most important part of your essay. You need to tell a story that is cohesive, powerful, and meaningful. At the same time, you want to make sure your story arc is focused and that each paragraph specifically drives the story forward. We can help you crystallize your unique story.

Precise and Actionable Commentary

Sometimes you may write and not even realize that your text is not necessary, off base, or awkward. We provide commentary comments to ensure that you have specific and actionable steps to take on your revision.

Brainstorming and Outline

If you are applying colleges or advanced degree programs and need to prepare a personal statement or other related essay but are having trouble getting started, we can help.

We have a tailored set of questions that we use with our students that helps bring out powerful stories and experiences that form the basis of your essay required by a college or advanced program. We can help you prepare an outline based on these questions that contains your personalized story arc, major themes, examples, and suggestions on how to develop the story. Some stories might have many themes, and some might focus on just one or two important experiences and themes.

It takes a little work, but we assure you that we can help you create a story that will help you get into your dream law school.